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Editorial Services

We offer a broad range of services at competitive rates.

Below, you'll find detailed descriptions of each of our offerings. Inquiries are welcome at any time.

Proofreading & Copy Editing 

A thorough, precision polish for final drafts. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, word usage, consistency, sentence structure, flow, and formatting. Style sheet included. Line editing is recommended prior to this step.

Billed at $.015 per word

Checking Text on a Document
Laptop Writing

Line Editing

Fine-tuning at the paragraph level. Creative content, flow, language, writing style, readability. Hones your wording to convey exactly what is intended. A great preparatory step for distributing to beta readers.

Billed at $.035 per word

Content/Developmental Editing

Characterization, plot development, tone, and organization.

A big-picture approach for early drafts.

Billed at $.025 per word

Woman Writing

$35.00 minimum on all services or packages. Billed in USD. Rates subject to change without notice. Quotes valid for 30 days.

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