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Writer Resources

All our favorite web haunts revealed to you, the writer.
We're always adding new content so be sure to check back.

Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition

Our go-to place for style guidelines, including punctuation, spelling, grammar, and formatting. If you don't have a hard copy at the ready, their Q&A section is a handy searchable resource, but be advised that the bulk of the content requires a membership to gain access.

merriam webster.jpg

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

US writers, look no further. M-W is Fine Fuse's official spelling authority for American English works. Their website has a treasure trove of resources besides the dictionary: thesaurus, Word of the Day, language quizzes, a Scrabble word finder, and much more.


Cambridge Dictionary

The gold standard for our British English clients is right here. Language translation tools, grammatical guidance, dictionary apps, and many other features are at your fingertips.


The Story Grid

Quite possibly the new editor's Bible, Shawn Coyne's Story Grid method breaks down storytelling and writing to its molecular level and sheds light on where manuscripts need strengthening. The website is jam-packed with insightful resources, but the book itself is a must-read. 


Describing Words

A handy-dandy, one-click tool for conjuring the perfect adjective. Simply type your noun into the search box, hit 'Enter' ('Return' for you Mac folks), and get an instant comprehensive list of words to describe it. Magic!



"Quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing." Type in a topic and get swept away by the musings of those who pondered it before you. Maybe one of them will springboard you into writing the most brilliant prose yet.


The Pocket Guide to eBook Layout

Draft2Digital's own Steed Brown shares tips on how to prep your document for eBook publishing in a few manageable steps. A fantastically digestible guide for indie noobs.

notebook ai image.png

Log and design every facet of your next story with a cloud-based notebook that you can use for FREE! Add images, generate writing prompts, create a full universe to build a book series. Just don't forget to go back and write your story.

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