Past Pjects

Pandemic Cory: Confessions of a Novel Viral Gangster

by Christopher M. Cirino

Juvenile non-fiction poses as a graphic novel to humorously explain how coronavirus and other high-profile germ villains affect the body.

Independently published by Your Health Forum, October 2020.

Behind His Scar

by Kana Wu

Sibling trapeze artists weather the challenges of life in an off-season circus community in this dramatic short story. 

Independently published on Wattpad, October 2020.

When War Knocks

by Kristine Kivisto

Middle grade novel set in World War II shares the day-to-day life of an American boy born of immigrant parents and how his world changes as the war unfolds on foreign soil.

Independently published on Amazon, September 2020.

Nanna After the Stroke

by Christopher M. Cirino

Children's picture book informs families about the health risks of poor diet and exercise and how both diabetes and stroke can affect relationships.

Independently published by Your Health Forum, September 2020.

Vestige: What Lies Beneath

by Antonio Roberts

The second installment of the young-adult Vestige fantasy series takes an underground journey to stop a war and defeat the evils that patrol the darkness.

Independently published on Amazon, April 2020.

Detective Sammy and the Sock Thief

Children's picture book couples simple problem-solving techniques with a child's varied career interests. 

Independently published on Amazon, August 2020.

Little Lily's Space Adventure

by Rinei Risch

Children's picture book follows a curious unicorn as she learns about the importance of following safety rules.

Independently published on Amazon, May 2020.

Label Breaker: Finding Your Identity In a World of Labels

by Krystal Travis

Self-help book explores the concept of personal labels and how they affect the way people relate to themselves and others. Christian worldview.

Independently published on Amazon, April 2020.

Buried Secrets

by Krissy Baccaro

Women's fiction/suspense novel about a young woman's promise to her dying grandfather and the journey that leads her deep into his past to uncover a dark secret.


Independently published on Amazon, April 2020.

Vestige: Rise of the Pureblood

by Antonio Roberts

Book One of the young-adult fantasy Vestige series introduces an unlikely heroine who has been framed for a series of murders. Danger lies at every turn as she seeks to clear her name.

Independently published on Amazon, March 2020.

Once Upon A Story: Stories to Inspire and Intrigue You

by Active Alumni Writers

A short fiction anthology of various genres written by a diverse group of authors.

Independently published on Amazon, June 2019.

Spoon Spoony and Plate Penny

by Rinei Risch

A charming picture book for children puts a new spin on the theme "There's no place like home." Story and illustrations by the debut author.

Independently published on Amazon, December 2019.

Tiger Cate

by B. E. Jackson

Women's fiction novel set around a salt-of-the-earth leading lady and her quest to escape her mistake-ridden past and solve a family mystery that may land her in prison or worse.

Currently unpublished.

Wiggly Wobbly Piggly

by Larry Perry, Sr.

Children's book set in a barnyard features a pig who dances to the beat of his own drum and inspires his friends.

Currently unpublished.


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